The Radioval project

Empowering Personalised Treatment of Breast Cancer Patients

Raising the standard of breast cancer care with radiomics-based prediction

RadioVal Objectives

The idea of the RadioVal project is to implement a very comprehensive validation of artificial intelligence solutions for breast cancer treatment.

Assess performance of AI tools

We will evaluate the performance of artificial intelligence tools for breast cancer treatment by looking at multiple dimensions, including accuracy, robustness, fairness, usability, confidence and productivity.

Address challenges in medical AI

Our goal is to build and validate AI tools that overcome common challenges in medicine, such as population-based biases, uncertainty, explanability, usability and data harmonisation.

Help clinicians help patients

The ultimate goal of RadioVal is to provide validated artificial intelligence tools that clinicians understand, trust and use in clinical practice so they more effectively treat breast cancer patients.​

Latest News

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Our consortium

The RadioVal consortium brings together 16 partners from 13 countries.

You can find out more about the consortium partners, the individual expertise and the involved staff on the consortium overview page.

Introducing radiomics Artificial Intelligence in breast cancer treatment

Find out more about our Work Plan and how we are working to introduce radiomic artificial intelligence for the prediction of neoadjuvant chemotherapy treatment efficacy.

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