Ain Shams University (ASU), as the third Egyptian university, was founded in July 1950 under the name of ‘Ibrahim Pasha University’. It participated with the two earlier universities, ‘Cairo and ‘Alexandria University’ in fulfilling the message of universities and meeting the increasing demand of youth for higher education. When it was first established, Ain Shams University comprised a number of distinguished faculties and academic institutes, which were later developed into university.

Demerdash Hospital was established in 1928 with a donation from Mr. Abdel Rahim El Demerdash Pasha, and the Faculty of Medicine was established at Ain Shams University in 1947 and was called Demerdash Faculty of Medicine and was affiliated with Fouad I University (currently Cairo University), then it was joined to Ain Shams University in 1950 to be the third Faculty of Medicine in Egypt After the medicine of Cairo and medicine of Alexandria, and attached to it a teaching hospital, the Demerdash Hospital, which includes most of the surgical departments.

The Faculty aspires to regional leadership and global partnership in medical education and scientific research to improve community health.

ASU in RadioVal

ASU contributes to WP2, WP5 and WP6 and serves as one of the five clinical sites where the clinical evaluation takes place.