The Medizinische Universitaet Wien (MUW) is one of the longest-standing medical training and research institutions in Europe. With 8,000 students it is today the largest medical training facility in the German-speaking area. With its 30 university departments and two clinical institutes, 13 medical theory centers and numerous highly specialized laboratories, it is also one of the most important cutting-edge research institutions in the field of biomedicine.

This simultaneous operation of research, education and patient care as equally important core tasks is called triple track strategy. The three cornerstones of research, education and the treatment of patients each contribute equally to the medical and scientific quality of the University. At MedUni Vienna they support and enrich each other and serve medical science in the sense of maintenance of health as well as prevention and abatement as well as therapy of diseases. Every one of these cornerstones is already rather large and multifaceted in itself. Due to the large number of scientists, physicians, teachers and students and the proximity to the patients a variety of exciting synergies, projects and experiences arise out of the relations between the tracks.

MUW in RadioVal

MUW contributes to WP2, WP5 and WP6 and serves as one of the five clinical sites where the clinical evaluation takes place.