Quibim is company designing and creating pioneering tools that unlock imaging data to maximize drug programmes and improve patient outcomes. The company follows an AI-first approach to help detect pathologies and predict outcomes in oncology/immunotherapy, rheumatology and neurology using imaging modalities such as MRI, CT and PET. The goal of the company is to transform imaging into actionable predictions. Quibim is specialized in big imaging infrastructures to advance the development of AI models and help real-world evidence (RWE) and biopharma partners extract new insights from images. Quibim develops novel quantitative imaging biomarkers to deeply analyze disease mechanisms, advancing in drug discovery and monitoring treatment progress through a whole-body approach. Using the power and promise of quantified imaging data and AI, the mission of Quibim is to turn imaging into a catalyst of precision health. Quibim`s goals are: (1) Partnering life sciences and RWE companies to develop novel predictive models of key challenges in healthcare; (2) Lead the evidence generation from big repositories of real-world imaging data; (3) Combine the solutions identified in (1) and the insights extracted in (2) to design and create best-in-class medical devices for the market.

Quibim partners top-tier pharmaceutical companies (with more than €10b revenue) to advance drug programmes using imaging and solve healthcare challenges developing image-based predictive AI models. The company has run over 50 real world evidence studies and randomized control trials, with over 10 million images processed to date.  The hospitals network of the company extends to more than 125 centers. The team consists of 73 employees and the management profiles have experience in top multi-national companies in the medical device space (Philips, HP, Elekta). Quibim has received over €20 million public and private investment to date and is taking part in 19 EU projects that have been funded with €30 million.

Quibim in RadioVal

Quibim’s task in the RadioVal project is to integrate the final radiomics monitoring software, with the technical design based on the requirements from WP1 collected from radiomics experts, IT managers, healthcare managers and clinicians, the tool’s APIs, dashboard to present live information on the radiomics traceability, and configuration of a system of alert to notify the clinical users and IT managers.

Quibim is also tasked with  performing the final integration of the clinical decision support tool by the integration of the radiomics modules in a modular fashion with version control and Docker containerisation based on MLOps standards, together with the Exploitation Plan.

Dr. Ángel Alberich-Bayarri

Ángel Alberich-Bayarri is a Telecommunications Engineer and obtained a Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering through his research about the application of advanced image processing techniques to high-resolution magnetic resonance images for the study of osteoporosis disease. Angel is the CEO of Quibim. From 2007 to 2014 he was the biomedical engineering coordinator in the Quiron Hospitals Group, with an important dedication to image processing. Angel was awarded in 2015 by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) under the program MIT Innovators.

Angel Alberich

Ana Jiménez Pastor

Ana Jiménez Pastor is a Telecommunications Engineer by the Polytechnics University of Valencia, specialized in the field of Electronic Systems. Ana is a researcher at Quibim in the field of Biomedical Engineering and Machine Learning leading the Strategic Projects and AI Frontiers Unit. Her experience focuses on the development of analysis algorithms for fat quantification in different organs and tissues due to metabolic diseases, besides the application of advanced pattern recognition algorithms for the segmentation of anatomical structures in radiological images. She has published her works on medical image analysis and Machine Learning in different international congresses.

Fuensanta Bellvís Bataller

Fuensanta Bellvís Bataller is a Biomedical engineer specializing in Information and Communication Technologies. She has extensive experience in the analysis and processing of brain MRI images, as well as in the development of computer systems for primary and outpatient care. She works as Vice-President of Clinical Biomarkers and Companion Diagnostics at Quibim. Her main work there is focused on translational research applied to the development of new imaging products that present an active participation in the different stages of the disease ranging from prevention, early detection to the selection of optimal therapeutic strategies.

Dr. Ana Blanco

Ana Blanco is a Doctor in Pharmacy, PI and post-doctoral researcher in several biomedical  projects  in  both  public  and  private  companies, responsible  for  leading research departments and qualified group of technicians. She is also a certified Project Manager Professional (PMP®).  She is the Grants and Innovation Coordinator at Quibim leading the project management of  H2020-PRIMAGE, H2020-ChAImeleon, H2020-ProCancer-I, amongst others. Her main role is to support the team in administrative and management tasks.